One hundred days, one hundred pages.

I’ve been writing a novel for a few months now, but it’s been going really slowly. Stress at work, a bit of a busy schedule and some travel have contributed to ready excuses for not writing. So now, I have a new challenge. One hundred days, one hundred pages. I’ve already written 18 pages, and I’m thinking that this way, I can write another hundred and crank out a first draft (and hopefully a first edit) before the new year. Here’s hoping!

One page down, 99 to go.


2 thoughts on “One hundred days, one hundred pages.

  1. I would like to pre-order 100 copies of this novel for Kingston, please.

    What do you think of the names Chopped Liver, or Sack of Potatoes? Or, The Mulabhanda? I think these names are good names.

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