Why Corn?


Why not, really?

When we moved to Ottawa, we got a great apartment with a good sized backyard that I wanted to start a garden in.  So we built some boxes, bought some dirt, and planted some things.  My most exciting endeavour thus far in the garden has definitely been the corn.  I’m not at all sure that I’ll get any ears, but it’s fantastic.  The corn is currently about four feet tall, and really awesome.  The weird thing is, I don’t even really like corn all that much.  It’s a bit of a thing that I’ve developed for no particular reason.  I also bought a really great photograph of corn to hang in my office.  It’s wicked.

So basically this blog is about my garden, my life, my really sucky job, and things that matter, like corn.  And dogs, particularly dogs named Nugget.  It’s also about family and writing and going back to school.  Did I mention corn?


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