New beginnings

Friday I quit my job. I’d been waiting for the right time (i.e., after my letter of offer came for my next job), and it was hard. Only in that my boss wanted me to stay for an entire month, but I was insistent that I would only stay for two weeks. Cold, I know, but I had to get out of there. So now I’ll be starting anew on the 19th of October, and I couldn’t be happier!

Also this weekend: re-did the garden, moved garden boxes, and generally got really mucky in the garden. Looking forward to a few months off before it’s time to start growing again! (Although I did dig out the aerogarden and plant some greens and herbs for the winter months.)

And finally, I will probably delay applying for school for a year, and aim to go in fall of 2011. It’s year later than I wanted, but my new job is a two year contract, so this will work out better.


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