Deadlines: do you love the sound they make as they whoosh by?

Because I don’t, but I’m starting to think that I live in a different time universe from everyone else. I like to think that I’m really relaxed about most things (some of you may disagree…), but deadlines, and meeting times…well, that’s a different story. Mostly, when people miss deadlines, or when they are late for meetings (by more than five-ten minutes), it vexes me greatly. I try really hard to let it go, but it just seems so….disrespectful.

I don’t really know how to deal with this one. First of all, I am trying very hard to breathe through the vexation. But when people cancel meetings five minutes before they are scheduled to take place because they are not prepared, what should I do? When people miss deadlines that we’ve agreed upon, and the rest of my work depends on, what should I do? When people show up half an hour late for a meeting they called, what should I do?

I’d like to hear from all my people who are late for things, miss deadlines, etc, because I know you don’t mean ill. Help me understand you, and the universe in which you live. Help me figure out how to live in peace and harmony with you, because if we don’t sort this out, it’s going to be all over for one of us, and since I’m good at setting deadlines and meeting them, my money’s on you.


One thought on “Deadlines: do you love the sound they make as they whoosh by?

  1. i will write something on behalf of those who are always a minute or two late. deadlines i am equally disciplined about, but i am always just a little late. i have thought about this extensively, because, obviously, i would love to be punctual. my observation is that my lateness is due to placing more value on accomplishing more than being on time. so, for example, rather than leaving myself enough time to ensure that i am on time for class, i would rather try to do just a few more things before i have to run to class. if i get to class early, then i feel like i am wasting time waiting for it to begin, precious time that could have been used for something more productive (like a few more minutes in savasana!). however, i am beginning to realize that when i am late it appears to be out of disrespect for another’s time , which really isn’t my intent, in making the choices that lead me to be late, they aren’t even a consideration. which is the problem. so i am trying hard to leave a few minutes earlier out of a respect for the people that i am meeting.

    is that helpful?

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