A post on babies: actually!

So those of you who know me know that I’m not super into babies. I often play a fun little game with my partner. It’s called “would this situation be made better by a screaming baby?”. It’s really shocking how often the answer to that question is no. Anyway, I digress.

The real point of this post is to discuss an article I read today about how babies change your brains. Turns out, you can learn to be maternal, if the rat behaviour holds true for us humans. This might also explain the baby epidemic that I’ve noticed among people. If one of my friends or acquaintance has a baby, her friends and acquaintances are more likely to have babies too. While I personally like to ascribe that to herd mentality, it might actually be something more like unmaternal people learning to be motherly, therefore making the idea of having a baby more reasonable.

However, my favourite line in this article, and one I’d like my mother to keep in mind, is: “…some women might never feel maternal, explains Meltzer-Brody. The same goes for rats: Previous research shows that one or two rats in any given group never showed interest in the pups.”

Take that, people who think I’m going to wake up one morning and want a litter.


2 thoughts on “A post on babies: actually!

  1. I still don’t like babies/kids in general and I don’t feel a particular kinship with the one inside me yet, although I am feeling excited to finally meet her. Anyway, perhaps these instincts don’t develop until you see the kid….I’m counting on them developing at some point!!! I watched a show on tv called “Bringing home baby” all that did was freak me out; kids are a handful. I hope I also develop some patience. Come on brain, change dammit 🙂

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