Skirt: 1; Jess: 0

Looks like I won’t be wearing the long skirt to the wedding. 😦 I had a not so good sewing day today. It started when I put the yoke of the skirt on upside down, and then thought that I could ‘make it work’ later. I couldn’t. Note to self, and to all other novice sewers out there: when you put something together upside down, it rarely works out.

Then I spent two hours trying to ‘make it work’. I did get the skirt together, and the zipper sewn on (I was more scared of that part than I needed to be..), but it looked kinda f*(#$ed up, so it’s in the closet for a time-out. The project will resume in two weeks’ time. Or the skirt might become a pair of simple pants with a zipper, ’cause we all know I’m not taking that out.

On the bright side, I found a nice outfit to wear in my closet, which saved a complete and total meltdown.


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