The pricepoint of being a woman

Sometimes little things really start to bug me. In this case, it’s the price of my haircut. I cut my hair short into a bit of a pixie cut because I thought it would be easier. It is, almost every day, with the exception of the day I need to get my hair cut. This is about once a month because my hair grows pretty quickly. There are two things that really bug me about this: 1) it takes my hairdresser, a lovely lady, about an hour and a half to cut my hair and 2) it costs 60$. Now, I’m in no way saying that my hairdresser does not deserve to make a good wage, and that my haircut isn’t worth that. It’s just that my partner has an admittedly similar haircut, and it costs him 10$, and takes about 20 minutes.

The problem isn’t with my salon – a man’s haircut in the same place is about 40$, so just a bit less. The problem is that I’m trying to save for grad school, and am cutting frivolous expenses. It’s just hard to justify spending that much money on my hair, every month. It comes out just over 700$ per year. I shudder to think what I used to spend when I got highlights done!!

So I think there’s but one solution: grow my hair, and cut it myself. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, I know. Stay tuned. Drama is sure to ensue.


3 thoughts on “The pricepoint of being a woman

  1. That’s insane! You are so getting the hose! Would you say your salon rates are on par with others in your area?? What about a barber, or First Choice?

  2. I’m embarrased to admit that I actually have you beat (in a competition where the winner is actually a loser) – my cuts are a shocking $70 before tip. That is for a 30 min “express” cut, and if I wait longer than six weeks then I have to book a full length cut for $100. Why would I tolerate such madness? Well, Stephanie has been seeing this woman for over a decade and if I stop going I feel I will put her in an awkward position. Plus, she gives me the best cuts I have ever had in my life. At least my “beauty regimen” starts and ends with a simple haircut… Who can afford anything more?

  3. I’m with Dinah on this one – I either visit first choice, which I use if I haven’t planned ahead to book an appointment, or a small place in a local strip mall. Either way, my haircuts are never more than $25. Having said that, if I want highlights or to try a new style then I go to an Aveda Salon but that’s very rare.

    You don’t even have to use the money saved for Grad School either. You could simply use it to treat yourself in a new way like getting a pedicure or a massage šŸ™‚

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