Things I love: Clean Dogs

This winter, Nugget seemed to get especially dirty. I think it was partly because we had a lot of thaws – he had many an opportunity to roll around in the mud. I finally convinced Ross that it is warm enough to give Nuggy a bath – Ross was worried about him getting a chill. (Do dogs, particularly very furry dogs, get chills?)

Anyway, the results were spectacular. I learned several things:
a) Nugget’s feet are supposed to be white.
b) Nugget was indeed very dirty, as evidenced by the very dark grey water.
c) Nugget’s feet were very dirty – they had to be washed several times.
d) Wash the bathroom AFTER you give the dog a bath, not before.
e) Washing a dog makes a spectacular mess. See point d.

Here are some fun photos of Nuggs trying to get dry on the carpet. We’ll be vacuuming AFTER he’s dry.


6 thoughts on “Things I love: Clean Dogs

    • He was pretty good. There’d be photos, but it wasn’t a photo-friendly event, as keeping him in the tub was fairly involved, and we both had the foresight to remove most of our clothing. šŸ˜‰

      His ass-mane is something to behold. He’s softer than I’ve ever felt him, and his fur is just falling out. I think this was a good call.

  1. He’s especially dirty this winter because he’s been hanging out at my place and I’ve been making him clean out my coal cellar.

  2. After we wash Sam we bundle her like a little babushka and tuck her in her bed next to the gas fireplace. She stays there all bundled up until she is dry… I wish someone would do that to me.

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