Finishing sweaters – something people do?

So this fall, I started two sweaters. One for me, and one for Ross. I don’t want to harp on things that I haven’t done, but let’s say that it’s a good thing it wasn’t a cold winter, because Ross would have frozen. I, however, would have been mostly warm, except for my arms.

The progress on Ross' sweater

I’ve managed to knit something rather nice – I’m quite fond of the pattern and the wool, which I picked up in Nova Scotia last summer. However, what I’m less sure about now is finishing it. The first sweater that I knit, my wedding shroud, didn’t require any assemblage, and it was under the tutelage of a most excellent teacher. The second sweater turned out fine, but after wearing it for a winter, it’s come to my attention that it could have been finished a bit better.

Frog Tree Alpaca Wool

So the time is coming when this sweater will be finished – and I don’t want to make a mess of it, so I’ve signed up for a course on how to do it. Yes, I’m going to let someone else tell me how to do things. I’m hoping this won’t end poorly.


2 thoughts on “Finishing sweaters – something people do?

  1. lolz. Love the progress on Ross’s sweater! I think yours will look simply lovely on you when you’re done. Good luck with the course…alas, I wish I had more time to do that. My PhD afghan gets about 3 or 4 rows every couple of weeks at this point. I’d like to start a couple of small projects (toys or duds for friends’ babies seem reasonable) sometime soon though. Nonetheless…wouldn’t it be fun if I steal randi sometime, drive up to Ottawa, and we sit drinking fruity wine and knitting on your deck all day in the sun? And a picnic basket! Yeah!
    Can’t wait to see you guys in ktown!

  2. I’m still impressed. I started a hat in the fall I still haven’t finished, and I have a blanket in my closet that I started several years ago.

    I am sure you’ll enjoy the wabi-sabi course–the weaving course I took with them was fantastic.

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