Off to Scotland

I’m off to Scotland tomorrow, so things will be a little bit quiet around here for the next few days. I didn’t quite get as much planted as I would have liked this weekend, but next weekend will be fine. I think it’s a little early for the carrots anyway. I did get the spinach, bok choy and peas in. I’m hoping they’ll sprout while I’m away! It’ll be exciting to come back to more growing. (They’re outside already, which is also fun, particularly as I’m almost completely out of space inside.)

Inside, I planted the cherry tomatoes (so excited for these, mostly thanks to Sarah & Joey), some perennial flowers, the tobacco, and the okra. I’ve left them in Ross’ capable hands for the week, so hopefully some of them will be up and at ’em when I get back.

I’m off to St Andrews, in case any of you are wondering – one of my top schools for my phd, and I’m hopefully going to have a chat with my prospective supervisor.

One little fun thing to post about: Ross, Nuggy and I were out for a walk yesterday, and Ross pointed this out to me:

It’s a tree that was cut down, but the branch of the tree grew right around the wires. I think it’s pretty neat.

See you all in a week!


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