The long way there

I’m back from Scotland – what a trip! Have I mentioned how much I love going to Europe for two days?!

So I left Monday around noon for the airport. I was supposed to fly Ottawa-Newark, Newark-Edinburgh. However, there was freezing rain in Newark, so Ottawa flight was delayed. Unfortunately, the Newark one wasn’t (it seems like that was the only flight that made it out of Newark on time all day), so I missed that, and had to take a flight to Paris, where I had a five hour layover before another flight to Edinburgh, plus a train and bus ride to St. Andrews. In the end, I got to St. Andrews about 12 hours late. I didn’t have much time to see the town, and as it turns out, Tuesday was the only day I was there with any sun. Oh yeah – my luggage didn’t show up for another 24 hours, either. It inexplicably went to Orlando. Thank you, Continental.

Anyway, St Andrews is lovely! It’s about three streets, and lots of cobblestones, walking, alleyways, and cute shops. I can totally see myself going to school there. Good curries, fish and chips, beer and pubs, too. Very important for grad school.

And, most importantly of all, a quality cheesemonger.

The flight back was significantly smoother. Cab ride from St. Andrews to the airport (pricey, but worth it first thing in the morning), flight from Edinburgh to Newark, 3 hour layover (I had to clear customs, but whatever), then another flight to Ottawa. I love flying into Ottawa – its small size, new design and general awesomeness meant that I de-planed at 5:00, and was through customs with my luggage and in a cab at 5:13, heading to Chez Lucien. My kind of day.


2 thoughts on “The long way there

  1. Boo hassles! But I’m glad you got to go, sounds like a nice place! Did you see the potential advisor?? Oh, and Dave wants to know what kind of Scotch you brought home. Glad you’re return trip was nice (and included luggage).

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