An update on the plants

So while I was away, Ross very diligently watered what I had planted, and I was pleasantly surprised upon my return to see several seedlings coming up. I’m particularly proud of my peppers, which seem to be quite keen to grow. Hopefully this year the squirrels won’t get them.

Thus far, I’ve had success getting the following to grow: the two kinds of peppers, all the cherry tomatoes, the green, white, and spanish onions, one strawberry plant, okra, oregano and thyme, as well as the lamb’s ear and the pampas grass. I’m still waiting on the lazy jalapenos, malva, lavender, and echinacea. Pretty much everything else gets planted next weekend, or directly outside.

I’m also rather pleased because after over a year of dormancy, my peace lilly has decided to flower again – there are actually two buds, which it has never done before. Guess I didn’t permanently damage it when I propagated it.


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