And now an update on the knitting

On my trip I managed to finish the sleeves of my sweater. As per Randi’s excellent suggestion, I knit them simultaneously on the same needles so it was a bit slow going, but I now have two arms that match as perfectly as I could ever hope. (Given that this is me knitting, after all.)

After my excellent finishing workshop this weekend, I was ready to try putting it all together. I thought I’d try steaming the finished pieces this time instead of blocking them with a wet towel on them. It seemed like it might do the same work in half the time, and give the little paws that could potentially get into anything left on the ground, would eliminate temptation.

I’m pretty happy with how the pieces turned out. The edges are still a bit curled which makes it a bit harder to make up, but the rest of the pieces are really soft and flat and look great. I’m in the process of putting it all together using the finishing techniques that I was taught last weekend, such as the mattress and Kitchener stitches. It’s taking a long time (a lot longer than it took me to put together my last sweater, but then again, I just made that up as I went along, and I’m totally paying for it now..), so it’ll be a couple of days before it’s all ready.

While I was gone, I also made some progress on Ross’ sweater. I figure by next fall, I’ll at least have the front and back, so at worst, he’ll have a vest. However, I totally underestimated how hard it was to get the pattern started – I ended up re-starting it at least ten times. Maybe it’s not that hard – it’s possible that I’m just that daft. But yeah – counting doesn’t seem to be my strong suit. I’m happy with how it looks now though.

And just to be clear, that’s about eight hours worth of knitting. Fortunately, I was on the plane and could amuse myself with the antics of Hugh Laurie and his amazing American accent.


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