More space for plants

On Easter weekend, Ross, Nugget and I went to Kingston to see some of my favourite people. While there, we swung by Dinah’s place. While we are sad that she’s moving, she did need to unload some pots, which I happily snapped up. So now I have even more space for all the growing! I went home and immediately washed them all out and planted stuff in some of them. Her partner also graciously parted with a few awesome rocks that are a nice addition to the garden. At the moment, they’re holding down the chicken wire protecting the carrots from the rooting of the squirrels, but in a bit, they’ll find more of place of pride in the flower garden.

Lamb's Ear in its new pot

I also planted all the squash, which seems to be sprouting already. I’m a bit scared about the possible yields from that, but Sarah reminded me that it can all be frozen, including zucchini. Good thing we picked up that freezer!


One thought on “More space for plants

  1. I’ll happily take some of that zucchini off your hands when its harvested! MMMmmmuffins! We may have more pots for you from the kitchen garden. Will let you know how many when we’ve got everything we can possibly jam into the new place there! Happy gardening!

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