Photo class, week 2

This week’s class was all about aperture and field of depth. So I think I have it down technically, but I’m not sure that I can describe what’s in the photos properly. Meh. Anyway, here are the best photos from this week.

The dandelions are the best photo that I took in class. I was having a hard time with the subjects that were available, so finally settled on this one as my best. I think it’s a technically fine shot, but I do quite like the composition. I think my white balance might have been off a bit, or I could have made it warmer, but too late now. Well, until the week we talk about post-production.

The next two shots are the same photo with different fields of depth. The first photo is blown out a bit – Jenn and I were of course taking photos at noon on the hottest day of the summer thus far (and possibly all summer!). I do like the colours in the center of the poppy – the pinks and purples are pretty fun.
I definitely prefer a bunch of things about the second photo. I think the composition is better, the lighting is better, and the depth of field works better with this subject. I also like the details that you can see on the petals. It also looks like it’s shy, which is sweet. I do wish I hadn’t cut off the left petal though. Oh well.

And finally, my “creative depth of field”. Jenn and I stopped at this water fountain for a LONG time. It was so hot out – at this location, we could photograph a bit in the shade, and get a bit wet from the fountain. Brilliant. I have a bunch of photos like this that I like, some with faster and longer shutter speeds. The thing I like about this is the texture of the water, and how the drops look independent of each other. I also think the composition is okay.

I can’t quite express how much I’m enjoying our photo class. We spend the first part of class going over each other’s photos, which is great. Our instructor critiques them (nicely), which I find super helpful. Then we learn something new, and go out and shoot. The third week (yesterday) was night photography, and it was SO MUCH fun. We also looked at the work of other photographers, which is great as well. This week we looked at Gregory Crewdson, Cary Dolan, and Gjon Mili. Mili’s work with Picasso was amazing – he had Picasso “draw” with light while he photographed him. Amazing stuff. I think Cary Dolan’s work spoke to me the most, while Gregory Crewdson really creeped me out. In a good way, but not in a way that I’d want to emulate.


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