Night Photography

I didn’t really think that I would love night photography as much as I do. It’s amazing! You can get the most amazing colours by playing with white balance, light, and light sources. Also: the light painting is soooo much fun.
This is my least favourite photo from the night shoot. I improvised a support since I don’t have a tripod. I like the colours, but could have done with a more interesting subject.

Again, this photo has an improvised support (the ground). I really enjoy the colours in this photo. The blue is really neat. I think one of the things that is so cool about night photography is how the light source affects the colours in the photos.

We had to do a light painting for class. I completely underestimated what a nutter I’d look like doing this. It wasn’t that busy at the gallery, but there were a few tourists. To get this photo (and others, that are a bit more, ahem, athletic), I had to dance around with a flashlight in my hand while my camera took the photo. So imagine: some chick dancing around with a flashlight in front of the National gallery. Now that I think about it, it probably happens all the time. However, it did impress the fancy camera guy (he had a really fancy camera, and was also out taking night photos, but had never seen light painting).

I don’t especially love this photo, but I do find the concept fun. I remember as a child seeing a photo of Paris at night, taken from the Arc de Triomphe. The lights on the street were so neat! I was utterly disappointed when we got there are there were no lights lighting up the street. Yeah, I totally didn’t get the idea at the time, and now I’m a bit fascinated by it. So there’ll be more of these.

The thing I really like about this photo is that taking photographs of the National Gallery can be a painful experience. There are always tons of people around, and it’s often so bright out during the day that it’s hard to capture much of the building. I don’t think this photo does that particularly well, but it does show several light sources within the building, which is neat. I’ll be working on this a bit more during my landscape photography week.

I almost forgot: the best photo from class. Again, the colours are what really draw me to this photo.


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