Other people’s opinion…

Tonight was yet another photography class. Not that interesting to blog about because it was all about basic post-production and file management. However, we did go over our photos. The instructor had some hilarious things to say about my photos. In particular, he didn’t love the photo of the pool. He said it was about nothing, but not quite nothing enough (or something to that effect). I actually quite agree – I think if I’d stepped back about seven feet and made it more about the wire in the pool and the marks from the skateboard, that it would have been more interesting.

He had a different opinion about another one of my photos though that I didn’t post prior to class because I don’t actually love it. Here it is – he quite liked it, but I think it’s a bit pedestrian. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Other people’s opinion…

  1. Well, I know nothing of photography speak, but I like the lines (sidewalk/grain of the road) and how you can clearly make out the car behind the soft lit headlamps. I don’t love the big lump of dark under the spires. Perhaps photoshop could brighten it a tad so one can make out they are green and that they are trees? I do like the contrast between the dark road and the pink to blue sky though…and its well composed I think. The lines draw your attention to the headlamps.

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