The demons are only visible at night

Ross and Nugget kindly accompanied me on a night shoot on Saturday night. All day it rained on and off, and was super windy, so I didn’t think it was going to be a good night. However, once out, I got some pretty fun shots. I went to three different locations – Lady Gray drive, Sussex drive, and the bridge over to New Edinburgh.
I played with the aperture for the photos quite a lot to get a sense of what it does to lights at night. This one is a good example of the star effect of a small aperture.

I really like this next one because of the colours, but also because of how the wind has blurred the leaves on the trees. The crispness of the white bridge contrasts nicely with the blurred tree.
And finally, my favourite shot of the night. I love the colours, but there’s something creepy about this photo. I blame the little green demons along the shoreline on the right. You probably can’t see them in the small version, but click on the photo and see if you can see them. Any idea what they are?


4 thoughts on “The demons are only visible at night

  1. See this is why I need to hang with y’all on a night shoot, my camera does aperture but I have no idea what that actually means.

  2. Hi Jess,

    The ‘gremlins’ in the bushes are actually the three light posts reflecting off of the lens filter on the camera lens… you’ll notice that that the light posts are actually triads of light and, when reflecting off of the lens filter, they are ‘flipped’ and take on a green part of the colour prism. It is a common thing to deal with in night photography, so always good to remove the lens filter before night photography to minimize reflections. Still, in this case you get to have some creepy gremlins thrown into the mix ; )

    Cheers, Ryan.

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