Revisiting Cuba


Ross and I went to Cuba in 2008 for a little pre-wedding honeymoon. It was a good call – the week after we got married, we moved to Ottawa, and started new jobs, and essentially a new life. There wasn’t really time for a vacation after that.

Since I’m playing with lightroom, I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back at some of the old photos (taken with a point and shoot) and see what I could get out of them. Not too bad for an old (2001) digital point and shoot. We spent the first few days touring around Havana and getting acquainted with the heat, humidity, food, culture and people.

Arches in Havana (Havana Veija)

We went to most of the obligatory tourist spots, including old Havana (amazing) and the malecon.
Billboards on the Malecon
We also came back near the end of the trip and stayed at the Hotel Nacionale – it was quite the experience.


We didn’t just stay in Havana though – we went to Trinidad, a small UNESCO heritage site, and to Santiago de Cuba, way down in the south. It was an amazing trip, and a great way to start the month of May, 2008.


Church in Trinidad


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