Week 8: Still Life

Another week has gone by, so here’s another photo assignment. This week was still life. We did some fun shoots in class, and then were left with some homework. Here are the best photos from the week:

This is the best photo that I took during class while outside. We were doing a lot of plant photography, which many of you know is something I’ve done before.

And this is the best shot from inside class. It’s a vase that Ross and I received as a wedding gift from the lovely Sarah B. It’s turned on its side, and I used a flash to light the inside. I’m rather proud of this one.

And for homework, we had to photograph a found subject, a set-up (placing an object and lighting it, which I neglected to do – I just used found lighting), and for a bonus, photographing food.
Here’s the photo that I’m using as my ‘found’ subject, which you’ve seen before:

For the set-up, I used a freshly picked mini pepper from the garden. We then ate it for dinner (see food photo).

And here’s what the pepper ended up being eaten with: a lovely stir-fry with baked tofu.

Also: while none of you have mentioned it, I feel that I should be commended for my restraint in using Nugget as a subject. You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Week 8: Still Life

  1. Frankly, I’m a little more disappointed there isn’t more Nugget. I think you should exploit the hell out of his handsomness for your last project. A proper onslaught!

    Any one second me here?

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