The Progress on Ross’ Sweater

Despite Ross’ pessimism, I am making progress on the sweater. I used the rainy, rainy day we had here to finish up the back of Ross’ sweater. Ross has informed me that many have tried to make him a sweater, but none have succeeded. I, of course, take that as the thinly veiled I-want-a-sweater challenge that it is.

I think I have a permanent callous on my left thumb from the change between knitting and purling and trying to make sure that the sweater is the right tension – it’s easy to have the change stitches come all loose, and that just looks like crap.

Here’s what the sweater looks like length-wise. It should hit Ross around mid-hip. It still needs to be blocked, but I used what I learnt during my finishing class last winter to sew in the ends as I go. I hate doing it all at the end, so I do it as I finish a piece – it just seems much more manageable.

And here’s some detail. Again, blocking is needed (that’s why it’s all bumpy), but I’m pretty satisfied that the stitches look pretty even.

Anyone else have any fun projects they want to show?


4 thoughts on “The Progress on Ross’ Sweater

  1. Your work is beautiful. The problem with knitting for Ross, is that he has very long arms. The back is honeymoon knitting, and the front you can struggle through because there’s usually enough shaping to keep your sanity intact. But the arms? A zillion miles of knitting. That you have to do twice. Feh. That’s why Ross gets no sweaters. Maybe he’s be willing to wear a knitted tank top?

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