Assignment #5: Colour

A friend and I went out on Saturday to shoot in Chinatown…..or “Chinablock” as he called it. Granted, Chinatown in Ottawa isn’t particularly large, nor is it particularly Chinese….but it was still fun, with lots of colour and different things. It’s nice to check out other neighbourhoods in the city.

This week’s assignment is all about colour – having colour be an important part of the composition of the photo, and the various colour relationships.

This is part of the new arch in Chinatown. The thing I like the most about it is the red from the post and the blue form the sky merging on the post on its right-hand side. According to my handout, these are harmonizing colours.

It strikes me as strange that someone would paint their fence this colour. Also: more complementary, with the fence and the wall?

And yet more harmonizing colours.


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