Things Nugget Hates

Things that elicit barking and growling:

1) Hot Air Balloons. These take the cake. There is nothing in this world that Nugget hates more.
2) Filing Cabinets. There’s one on our street right now, and it got told in no uncertain terms.

Things that illicit cowering and fear:

1) Fireworks. Need I say more?
2) Search lights. You know the ones that come off buildings sometimes and just go ’round and ’round in the sky? Hate.
3) Thunderstorms. See 1).

I have no idea what kind of weird hot air balloon, fireworks, search light thunderstorm filing incident Nugget had before he came to live with us, but it sounds spectacular.


5 thoughts on “Things Nugget Hates

  1. Re: Hot air balloons. Strangely frequently here in the summer. The Ottawa Sun has a particularly offensive balloon that is extremely bark-worthy.

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