I bought a new photography book to tide me over until my next course (food photography in March). The book is Tom Ang’s The Complete Photographer. It offers tutorials and assignments in “every style and subject”. I have yet to determine how comprehensive it is, but the tutorials are pretty easy to understand, and they offer good ideas. I’m still working on mastering different types of photography, and have not yet found my element, so this is a good thing for me to do.

Unfortunately (for both you and me), the first class is portraiture, and the first assignment is a self-portrait. Ugh. Not my favourite thing to do, nor my favourite subject. However, I complied. Here are a few okay ones.

I played with trying to capture motion…or rather, moving into the pose in the 8 seconds before the shutter clicked. I think it worked out alright…nothing spectacular.

Later, better light was coming in the window, so I took a bit more of a traditional self-portrait. Unfortunately, the highlights are blown out a bit. And before you ask, no, I’m not naked, I’m just wearing a strapless shirt as the straps were distracting.


One thought on “Self-portraiture

  1. The motion shot turned out ok, though I’m not really loving the lack of left leg. I think your self portrait is lovely and the highlights are ok in my books.

    Your food photography+yours and randi’s gourmet awesomeness=best cookbook ever. You may need to reevaluate your career choices.

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