Winter in Ottawa

It’s been unseasonally warm here recently. However, about a month ago we got quite the snowfall, and Nugget and I decided to go out and shoot in it. We went to the gallery and frolicked in the little courtyard they have with the cherry trees…Nugget loved it! Lots of fresh snow!

He had a much better time than this photo would suggest. He’s looking displeased here because I’ve told him to stop frolicking long enough for me to get a shot of him.

There were also some vines with fruit on them (grapes, I think…) which were quite nice.

Nugget and I then went on our usual walk down Lady Gray drive, and found some outstanding icicles.

I don’t love the shadows that the flash is casting in this light..I should have taken a bit more time to set up the shoot a bit differently, but it was close to the end of our walk, and we were both getting quite cold.

So if you’re craving winter, hopefully these photos will tide you over until the snow flies again, which I’m sure will be soon!


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