Update on the yoga

Despite the by-line for this blog, there is rarely a post about yoga. It’s not that I don’t like yoga; In fact, I quite like it, and I do rather a lot of it. However, there’s often just not much to say. My practice is my practice. Not much to report. So here’s an update.

Backbends: Kinda rubbish at the moment actually. I’m spending an awful lot of time just about standing up, with very little actual standing. I’ve also been unable to drop back since I fell on my head a few weeks back. I feel like that’s reasonable.

Primary: Good times. Still kicks my ass, but less so than it used to.

Second: Has taken over the ass kicking from primary. Kapotasana is no longer the bane of my existence though, which is nice. I’m actually able to grab my feet and breathe, which is rather amazing. (The second part at least. Kapo used to be where I wheezed a horrendous, dying animal type sound.)

My teacher decided today that I’ve spent enough time hanging out at Ekapada sirsasana (leg behind the head), and while it is nowhere near pretty, it’s time to move on to the rather ill-termed yoganidrasana (sleeping yogi pose). No way anyone is getting any sleep here. So there was that business, and it’s apparently also time for me to start working on tittibhasana, which I think is just madness, but I do what she tells me.

In fact, I was thinking after practice today that it was a lot to give a student all at once. Maybe too much. Especially given the way my practice looks at the moment (kindof a mess, really). Then I just stopped thinking about it. You see, I respect my teacher. She’s kinda great. She tells me stuff, I do it, things get better. I don’t have any injuries (at least not yoga-related….there is still a bit of lingering stuff from my old life). She rarely gives a strong adjustment, and is very bandha focused. So it’s fine. I’ll do what she tells me, work through it, and that’s life. That’s how things are at the studio.


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