My first napkins

I’ve come down with the flu. It’s actually the first time in at least a year where I’m really quite sick. I guess I’ve gotten the odd cold, and definitely been tired and taken some time off work, but I’m very rarely sick. Today, however, is an entirely different story. As in I didn’t go to yoga, and there’s no way I can practice at home today.

However, all things considered, I’m doing okay. I’m glad for a strong immune system, and tylenol flu.

Before I got super sick (but was still definitely feeling off), I decided to tackle making some napkins. I bought a book a while ago that is going to help me really learn how to sew. (The author apparently also has a blog that I’m looking forward to checking out!)

Friday I googled my local Fabricland, and off I went. I managed to pick up two meters of nice fabric (100% cotton) for six dollars, which I thought was quite a score. I think one of my biggest things with sewing is that I don’t want the things I make to actually cost more than what I would have paid for something similar in a store (minus the person hours, of course).

I measured my square as instructed – finding the grainline (I admit to not having done this properly the first time, but whatever), marking the square, and cutting nice, straight lines (again, not done all that well the first time, but I got better).

Instead of doing the beginner version, I jumped right ahead to the “varsity metered corners”, which involved trimming the corners. The napkins turned out really nicely, in my opinion. I’ve made three thus far, and hope to make at least another three, or possibly five. Fun times!


2 thoughts on “My first napkins

  1. These are nice! Makes me want to dig out my mother’s sewing machine out of storage (though I have no idea how to thread it). Will you make a matching table runner too?

  2. Thanks! I was thinking of making place mats, but I don’t think I’ll have enough fabric. I’ll just do all the napkins and see where I’m at after that. I will likely get some contrasting fabric for place mats, and then some other fabric for a table runner.

    I see a new hobby coming on: table dressing 🙂

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