Food Photography Part III

The food photography class was split into two weeks. This week marked the second Saturday, and was all about composition.

In the morning, we played with composition in each of the shots. It took me a bit of time to get it. You can see me struggling with it here.

The first shot is okay, but it lacks any serious compositional elements; instead, it’s just an okay picture.

In the second composition, things get a bit more complicated. I’m trying to play with lines a bit here, but I think it gets a bit too complicated – hard to know what to look at, and there doesn’t seem to be a coherent theme.

At last, I think I got it. This is a really simple composition with nice textures, lines and depth of field. My instructor thought it was really fun. He said it looked dramatic, and that it looked like the cover of a book entitled “In Search of Wild Garlic”. He said the wood spatula looks like a paddle in this photograph, and that we’re about to embark on a river trip looking for that elusive wild garlic.


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