Spring in Ottawa

Ross, Nugget, and I went for a nice long walk this morning. The temperature was perfect: the air was quite cool, but the sun was incredibly warm. Nugget chased birds, smelled snow banks, and got quite dirty. A good time was had by all.

Construction is almost finished along the canal where the new convention centre is. We’re pretty happy about that, because it has been really disruptive to our walking routes. We frequently like to walk through Major’s Hill Park, along the canal on one side, cross over the pedestrian bridge, and walk up the other side. The construction has made that rather unpleasant, so we’ll be happy to resume that walk in a bit.

Here are a few photos from the pedestrian bridge.

Ottawa Canal

In this photo, you can see the almost complete convention centre.

Ice on the Canal

Here you can see the ice breaking up on the canal. Only a few more weeks and they’ll fill the canal up, and the ducks will be back and mating season will begin. (For the ducks, anyway.)


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