Many things to report

It seems like all I’ve done here is post photos lately, when in fact I have news. I will start with the more immediate, and more sweaty, of the news.

I finally went to David Robson’s studio on the weekend while I was in Toronto. It was awesome. Sweaty, hot, packed, awesome. The space itself is really great, and the woman working at reception was lovely. She knew exactly the types of things that I needed to know. Like yes, bring your towel into the room. There are showers upstairs. Go into the room and wait for David to assign you a spot. Very helpful, especially in such a tightly run ship. You don’t want to step out of line! In all truthfulness, it was really great. I should really have brought my mysore rug though, but I forgot it at home and had to make due with just a towel. It was a bit nerve racking. But yes – if you’re looking for a place in Toronto to practice, go! David is great, the studio is great, and I’m going back for sure.

The second bit of news is less sweat-inducing. I got into St Andrews university, and will be going in the fall of 2012. I asked to defer a year to get funding in place, and because, quite frankly, I rather like my job now. (I know – what a huge change!) So there you have it. Hopefully I’ll be able to wrangle a year’s leave of absence from work, and I can go to Scotland and get my learn on. Everything’s coming up Jess.


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