Garden Update

After a month’s worth of rain (or rather, the Ottawa monsoon season, as some of my friends have started referring to May), the garden is disappointingly small. The only thing that is really thriving is the box of herbs…I’m actually really lucky because everything is in boxes, which has allowed things to dry out on those rare, rainless days.

Here are a few photos. However, there were major changes just today – I blame the sun! It came out and things grew several inches. It was kinda scary. I’ll update again soon to show the growth.

Here are squash of some description.

The herb box.



Curry. Yup, the plant. Not quite sure what it really is.

Upside down tomato, with herbs on top.


3 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. You will be jealous to see my tomato plants – they are about 4 ft tall already! I will send you pics of year 1 of my balcony garden.

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