Ross will have a summer sweater

He’s always wanted a summer sweater. Maybe that’s not true, but he is going to get a summer sweater anyway. I’ve been knitting this sweater for years…literally. Ross will like his sweater, and I’ll probably make him put it on at least once. He’ll be unhappy, because I’ll want him to put it on during the hottest day this year. There will be sweating and angry faces, but he’ll like the sweater in the end. I hope. 🙂

There is some progress on the sweater, but as Randi warned me, that man has long arms. Super long. I’ve been knitting the arms of this sweater FOREVER, and every time I measure them against his arms, they seem too short.

There’s a big push to finish the sweater, because I have a super exciting secret project to start after this, and it involves the nicest wool and the nicest person, so I’m highly motivated. I’m not one of those knitters who has multiple projects going at one time. I’m a one-project-at-a-time kinda girl, and I really like to finish things. So Ross’s sweater must come first.

Notice how long this sleeve is! There is still much, much more to knit. I’d better get back at it.


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