Nova Scotia

By the title of my last post, you’ve likely figured out that I’m in Nova Scotia – Wolfville, to be precise. I’m here visiting my friends Sarah and Joey, who have a wonderful organic farm. I spent my first day in and around Wolfville, but yesterday, Sarah and I decided to go to Halifax to practice yoga at Seth’s shala. After practice, we drove to the south shore, and visited Mahone Bay and Lunenburg.

After our big day of driving, we went to the wool store. It was closed on Monday when we first tried to visit (much to our disappointment), but we were rewarded upon our return – there was a fresh lot of newly arrived wool from the sheep on the farm. I purchased enough for my new project. I made a swatch, which I rarely do, but I’m glad, as I’m not happy with the size of needles that I have. So it’ll have to wait until I come home to get started….which is fine, since I still have three days off when I get back. 🙂

I tried to get a few photos of the sheep, but these guys weren’t happy with me approaching their herd:

Finally, I dropped Sarah off at the farm before heading out to visit with Angie and Heather. A full day!


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