City at Night

Jenn and I are taking yet another photography course. This one is “City at Night”, and it’s with David Barbour again. Friday night was all about city landscapes at night.

The thing I like about this photograph are the lines from the lights of the cars, and the textures on the top of the market stands…and of course the very different vantage point from which it is shot – not how I normally see this street.


Our instructor thought my photographs were okay…the comment that he made about them though that really stuck with me was that he’s sent hundreds of students into the market to take photos, and he’s never seen the angles and shots that I’ve produced. I was pretty happy with that!

After leaving the market, we went to the MacKenzie bridge and took some shots of the new convention centre and the NAC.

I really had to master a few elements of my camera to capture the shot of the convention centre and catch the people in the window in the top right corner. The colours in this photograph are really vibrant, and I love the criss-cross lines throughout.

David shared a really interesting tip – in order to make super sharp photos at night, if you don’t have a cable release, you can use your self-timer. That way you’re not moving the camera at all as the exposure starts. I think it made a big difference in my photographs – they were just that little bit sharper than usual.

This last photograph is David’s favourite. He really liked all the different lines created. It was a bit of a coup for me, because I just turned my camera around and shot this – it was the second exposure that I took, and I waited for a bus and a few cars to come by, and I think it really made the difference.


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