City at Night III

For our third night, we focused on landscapes again. We went behind the National Art Gallery and got some interesting shots:

I’ve often thought of photographing this approach to the gallery. Nugget and I walk it pretty regularly – in all kinds of weather, and at all times of day – and it’s always beautiful. I’m not sure this does it justice.

This is one of the gallery’s recent acquisitions. I just love it. I think it’s supposed to represent a tree….which I totally see. What I don’t get is how it hasn’t been hit by lightning yet. Mysteries abound!

Classic Safdie. Is there anything that man can’t design?

I also can’t argue with the Gallery’s landscape artists. Minimal and beautiful.

A less-frequently photographed Ottawa cityscape.

And a much-photographed (by me, at least) Alexandra bridge.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and highly recommend it to anyone interested in night photography. Looking forward to trying a little in Havana…..we leave today!


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