Back from Havana

Ross and I returned from Havana on Sunday. We had the most wonderful time – it was super relaxing. We drank mojitos and Cristal, and ate tons of rice and beans and fried plantains. I took close to 500 photos, and have started editing them down. I have a few series that have come out of the trip, and I’ll start to share them here as they’re ready.

For our first instalment, I’ll start with Habaneros on bikes. There weren’t as many bikes as I would have expected in Cuba….perhaps it hasn’t really caught on there, or maybe bikes are still expensive or hard to come by on the island. Not really sure, since it’s a great climate for biking.

At a market in old Havana.

A new bike in old Havana.

Central Havana bike action.

Unattended bike near the Malecon.

Biking in construction.


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