Havana Urban Landscapes I

One of the things I challenged myself to do while in Havana was to avoid taking the usual shots of the city. I’ve seen so many photographs of Havana…and many of them look so similar. I really sought out different parts of the city that don’t normally make it into the tourist brochures.

This photograph of one of the old squares in Havana vieja shows you what I’m up against. This city is wickedly photogenic, and it’s super easy to fall into the trap of only photographing the restored parts. However, I really think the real beauty lies in the parts that haven’t been restored, or are in progress.

It’s the slight neglect, and the way nature takes over, that shows a different side of Havana.

And then there’s just the weird, like this building full of scrap metal. I’m not sure that I could find it again if I tried, but it was so neat to see it. Scrap metal, floor to ceiling.

And of course the parts of Havana that are just part of everyday life. The buses, the warehouses, the fact that it’s a working port….

The one thing that will always betray your location is the light – Havana has some of the most beautiful light I have ever seen. I’m not sure if it’s the buildings, the history, or it’s geographic location, but sunrise and sunset are even more magical than you’d expect.


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