Havana Urban Landscapes II

On our second day in Havana, I relaxed a bit about the photos I was taking, and started shooting a bit more liberally.

Ross and I set out towards Central Havana and the Barrio Chino (Chinatown) to get a sense of life outside of the tourist destinations. It was a bit more lively, a lot less hustling, and generally a good amount of fun.

While the skies were threatening, we didn’t get rained on. We did see some nice views of the Capitol building though…and from a different angle than we were used to!

We stumbled on a neat train graveyard….or restoration site? It’s entirely unclear, but it was really neat to poke around a bit.

The Barrio Chino is pretty small, but they have a nice arch….although not quite as nice as Ottawa’s, IMO.

The Malecon was being hammered by waves and wind, which meant I had to protect my camera…but I still got some neat shots. Later that day, Ross and I took a bus tour around the different neighbourhoods in Havana….very fun. Although I would suggest that if you do the bus tour, watch out for the untrimmed trees….the top of the bus is open, and Ross and I were hit in the face more than once by errant branches. All part of the adventure…..!

On a side note, Ross and I also visited the National art gallery – Cuban art. It was totally worth the trip. I’ve never seen a collection arranged in this way – the art was arranged chronologically, and it was all Cuban. I really got a sense of the political forces that influenced Cuban art, as well as international art movements. It was very good! (And sometimes not subtle in a really fun way.)


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