A post about food

Despite doing nothing but eat for the last month, I realized today that I haven’t written about food in a long time. Yes – this holiday season has been a bit rough on the cooking front. However, I have discovered some very delicious things in our city, one of which is Bridgehead’s quinoa and butternut squash salad. I love it. It is one of the most delicious ways to eat quinoa that I have ever come across.

As far as I can tell, here’s the list of ingredients:
– quinoa
– feta
– roasted butternut squash
– cranberries
– some sort of sweet and delicious sauce

There might be more things in it – perhaps a bit of green onion? I can’t recall.

Today I set out to re-create it in my kitchen. What I used:
– red quinoa
– feta
– roasted butternut squash
– spinach (just a bit for more of a nutritional punch)
– sprouted broccoli seeds (see above)
– cranberries
– balsamic and rosemary dressing

Here is the result:

Taste verdict: not bad, but definitely not the same as the one I’ve fallen in love with.


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