Imposed Resolutions

As some of you may remember, after David Robson’s visit to our studio last spring, I altered my practice a fair bit. Instead of going a ways through second series (I think I was stopping at pinchamayurasana at the time), I decided to stop at suptakurmasana. It was a pose that had eluded me for the first eight years of my practice, and since David said I shouldn’t go further, I chatted with my teacher, Janice, and we agreed that I would hang out there for a while.

That was about eight months ago. I’m still not able to do that damn pose, but I sure do give it a good go every morning. I’m making progress – slow, painful progress – but progress none the less. I’m also really enjoying the shorter practice, and frankly, being less tired.

Enter Janice. She always seemed a little less excited about me hanging out there than I was. I think I recognized early on that while I would have to work hard in the pose, it was a lot less work, so would be better. I’m always up for less work. This morning, she said what I’ve suspected she’s wanted to say for some time now: keep going. I asked her to clarify. Finish primary? Actually, go to Ustrasana in second.

For anyone who might be counting, she wants me to add over 11 poses (to be fair, I don’t stop at suptaK at the moment – I add a few more in for good measure). I asked her if I should add one a week, or something like that…..the answer was no. Add the rest of primary quickly, and then a bit more slowly for second, and then hang out at Ustrasana for a while.

Ugh. It’s going to make things a lot longer, and frankly, a lot harder. I totally respect my teacher and know that she’s probably right, but I. Don’t. Want. To.

It seems as though my lack of resolve has caught up with me, and now it’s being imposed. Damn you Astanga.


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