An email that gave me a facial tic

I haven’t written much lately about maybe going to school, so here’s a quick update:

Last year, I applied to and was accepted at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. I asked to defer for one year, and they agreed, so I’m slated to go in September 2012. In the meantime, I’ve been applying to all sorts of scholarships and generally trying to get some funding together.

Now, in my head, I’ve not entirely committed to going. See, I’ve got a nice job, and lovely men-folk, so a good part of me is wondering why I’d want to leave that. I figured I wouldn’t hear back from all the scholarship stuff until June (some would be earlier), so I’d make my final decision then.

You can imagine my consternation then this morning when I received the following email from the graduate secretary:


We hope you are still able to take up your Phd offer for September 2012.

We have set a deadline for applications as 15th January and now have to work out how many Phd students we can take for a September 2012 start.

We are no longer going to allow deferrals however as you deferred last year we will respect that commitment.

However, we are now asking for a deposit on confirmation of acceptance to ensure students take up their places.

Could you please let me know if you will be starting your Phd studies in September 2012 and if so we will re- issue acceptances letters with the details of the securing deposit.

As we have to have everything decided by Friday Jan 27th could you please reply before then?

Thanks very much”

Friday Jan 27th? As in next Friday? When I saw this, I actually said out loud “What the Fuck” and laughed hysterically for a few minutes. Then the eye tic started.

To say that I’m undecided is a bit of an understatement. Last week it was a firm “no”, and this week is feeling a bit more like a yes. Overall, I’m pretty up in the air about the whole thing….and only have a week to sort it out. Oh yeah: I also won’t have any of the responses from scholarship stuff, so I’ll essentially have to decide if I’m willing to go even if I don’t get any scholarships….which was a bit of a deciding factor in my original analysis.

I imagine that over the next few days I’ll write more about this, but in the meantime…!


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