Travel Yoga

There’s something really special about going to another studio and practicing with a teacher you’ve never met before, particularly if you’ve heard and read a lot about him or her. In my case, I had the opportunity this week while I was in San Diego; I rented a car and travelled twice to Tim Miller’s studio in Carlsbad, about a thirty minute drive from downtown. I also dragged my poor sister to attend the class. While she has a fairly regular yoga practice, it’s not in the Ashtanga tradition, and I hazard to say that it’s not quite as intense as the Ashtanga practice. After our first practice, there were a few howls of protest whenever she tried to sit down or stand up, but she was a real trooper and went back with me on Wednesday.  


I had intended to also go to the Jois Yoga studio in Encinitas, but never made it, mostly because I had such a nice time at Tim’s studio….I just didn’t feel like making the trip all the way out there, so practiced in the hotel room instead. 


Anyway, my overall experience with Tim’s studio was pretty awesome. Both Tim and his assistants were super. There was a lot of laughter at the studio, and I’m pretty sure Natasha (one of his assistants) tickled me (deliberately) at one point. The adjustments were firm and deliberate, and took me further into several poses. I also learned a few things from watching some of the other students, like how to get back up to seated from Kashyapasana. It’s pretty fun! 


I feel refreshed in my practice now – a few new things to try, and a really great appreciation of the practice. There were so many inspiring practitioners there – people working into third and fourth series; poses I’ve never seen done in person were in abundance, but all with a quiet and calm energy. There was very little observable effort being expended, and it was quite beautiful. Unbelievably, tics tacs were being done with almost no thudding or noise. 


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