San Diego (for the second time)

About six years ago, I left on a trip and was never coming back. My place of departure was San Diego.

Fast forward five and a half years (including a wedding and nearly four years of marriage – do the math, and you can likely figure out why I came back!); a work trip to San Diego presented me with a great opportunity to really explore a city that I’d only spent a couple of days in.

My sister Jenn came with me this time, and we rented a car, which was a great idea. We stayed very close to the Gaslamp quarter, but the car was essential to exploring Missing Hill and Springhill neighbourhoods. We ate in some very good restaurants like The Linkery and the Currant Brasserie, and of course my favourite US fast-food, Chipotle.

The weather was absolutely amazing, but I didn’t take that many pictures because I was often travelling to and from the conference, so was already carrying my laptop, and the SLR seemed like a bit much.

We did a bit of touristy stuff too like go and see the Midway and other boats in the harbour.

I don’t know if I’ll go back to San Diego on purpose, but I definitely won’t avoid it. We had a really nice time, and for any travellers who are passing through, I recommend stopping for a day or two and checking out the zoo and the many nice neighbourhoods.


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