Things my husband says (May 2012 edition)

Sometimes, the generation gap between Ross and I becomes obvious. Case in point: The “milkshake” meme. For those of you from Ross’s generation (or just entirely disconnected from popular culture), the “milkshake” meme involves Kelis’s song “milkshake” (I refuse to link – google it if you must – and be sure to watch the video for maximum effect), and replacing “milkshake” with other ridiculous things. For instance: This evening, after enjoying a lovely home-grown spinach salad, I turned to Ross:

Jess: My tender greens bring all the boys to the yard. (I have to admit that I tripped over the subject – verb agreement here. Grammar seemed ill-placed with this meme.)
Ross: What?
Jess: *sigh* You have to watch this video. You’re out of touch with the meme I’m using.
Ross: (chews his tender greens)
*Jess hands Ross her iPhone*
Ross: Should we go and watch this on a bigger screen?
Jess: Nope, that’s not a good idea.
Ross: *looks quizzical* Oh my. !!!
Ross: I don’t think this song is about a milkshake.
Jess: bahahahaha.
Ross: This porn has a terrible soundtrack.

And now Ross gets the “milkshake” meme. Education complete, generation gap closed (slightly).


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