Yoga in Regina

Yoga Mala Regina

This morning I woke up nice and early and went to Yoga Mala for a practice before we hit the road. When I arrived there was only one other person practicing and a teacher, so I put my mat down and started. I got lots of good adjustments and had a nice time. Then 7 am rolled around and the owner of the studio, Emma, showed up. Boy oh boy did Emma have something to say about my practice!

She came over to adjustment me in supta vajrasana, and gave me one of the most interesting adjustments ever. She squeezed my knees together and put her feet on top of mine. She pushed my feet into my hips using hers, and I grabbed her toes. Holding her toes, she lowered me down. We then did the pose a second time in a more traditional way. All I could think was “this is one strong woman!”. She then showed me how to break down the whole pose and what to work on on my own. She told me to put my legs in lotus and lie down for 10-15 breaths, then come back up to seated and work on my shoulders, and then lie on my stomach and push up into a backbend before finally doing the full pose. I did a few more poses, but she caught me before I did backbends, and wanted me to start working on Eka Pada Sirsasana (leg behind the head). Her tips were super helpful, and involved a lot of lifting my chin. It was super hard for me, and I realized that I haven’t been doing that at all, so now I have work on that, as well as in Supta Kurmasana (which we also spent some time working on); then it was time for backbending. I waited for her help in half backs, and I’m a little sorry that I did. It was super intense. She really wants me to work on my shoulder rotation and keeping my heels on the floor. Terrible things for me of course. Basically, Emma is an amazing teacher, but I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be able to walk tomorrow especially after spending the day in the car! I closed fairly quickly, came back to the hotel, showered and now we’re on the road. Hopefully our hotel tonight has a hot tub, or I’ll take a hot bath. It’ll be required if I hope to practice tomorrow! At least tomorrow is ~just~ full primary.

For any Ashtangis reading this, if you’re in Regina, definitely check out the studio. It’s an amazing space – very beautiful, in fact, and Emma is excellent. You’ll definitely learn something and be challenged by her. She’s got a great direct teaching style, and a very clear vision of the practice and what is required in each pose, and she articulates it brilliantly. I have a lot of confidence in her, and hope that I get to practice with her again!

Update: I am in fact wicked sore. Had to take a very hot bath in the hopes of being able to get out of bed tomorrow.


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