The longest day

Today is our longest day. All told, it will probably be about 15 hours door to door. We’re driving south of Lake Superior in the US instead of staying in Canada, as it cuts almost ten hours off the drive. Neither Jenn nor I were interested in a fifth day in the car. 


There isn’t much to say about this part of the US. There are lots of trees and lakes. And A&W restaurants. It’s a bit slow going because there is lots of construction on the two land highway, which can be madening at times. I think we’re also hitting a bit of long-weekend holiday traffic. Tonight we’re going to sleep in, so we won’t be hitting the road quite as early tomorrow. Likely sometime around 10 or 11. 

 I realized that I’d been in the car too long when I looked up and realized that there was a sunroof, and got really excited because it was a different direction in which to look (I wasn’t driving at this point). 

Oh yeah – the other really funny thing that happened was I got pulled over for speeding! I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket in my life, and I managed not to start yesterday. The officer was very kind and mis-took my speeding for not understanding the actual speed I was going, being from Canada and all: 

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over? 
Me: I think I might have been going a little fast.

Officer: You were going 77 mph. It’s a 55 zone.

Me: Did it change recently??

Officer: No. The entire peninsula is a 55 zone.

Me: Uh oh.

Officer: I don’t know what that is in km/h, but it’s too fast.

Me: Yeah, I don’t know what that is either.

Officer: I’m going to let you off with a warning, but slow ‘er down.

Yes! No speeding ticket for me, so the winning streak continues. Did you know that the most significant traffic violation I’ve had is expired plates? Those of you who have drive with me may be surprised to hear that, but it’s true.

Last day tomorrow! 


One thought on “The longest day

  1. I love it when this kind of thing happens. What I hate is when I tell my friends and they aren’t genuinely happy for me and instead get annoyed that I wasn’t, in the end, required to for over $$$$ to the city for some sort of driving violation.
    To you Jess, I say ‘BRAVO’.

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