108 Photographs

After many many many months of working on the photo project, I’m getting close to some sort of product. I’ve decided to go two ways: first, I put everything together in book format and got that near final. I’m now putting things up on a website to share with everyone – it’s 108 photographs @ wordpress

The idea behind both approaches is to satisfy my desire for something tangible, but also to maximize the number of people who can see it. I’ll put the book up for sale shortly (but will figure out some sort of way to get it to people who participated for free, of course!), but in the meantime, the photographs and text will be posted on a daily basis on the 108 site. 

I’ve got to admit – I’m pretty excited about the whole thing, and am amazed at how quickly it came together….once I did a lot of the work, of course! 

In total, it’s taken me about a year – I thought about the idea while on vacation in Wolfville, and really started getting it going in October. There were interviews and photo shoots, and then transcribing the information and editing the photographs….and then a lot of thinking about how to proceed. 

Another great thing that I did was take a writing class at my local photography school (SPAO). It was about writing an artist’s statement. The course really helped me figure out what the project was about, how I wanted to frame it, and how I would end up presenting it. It was a fantastic experience. 

I’d love to know what you think! I’ve disabled the comments on the 108 site to keep things relatively clean, but feel free to post your comments here.


2 thoughts on “108 Photographs

  1. 1. I love your photography.
    2. In particular, I appreciate your thoughts about the intentional darkness of the shots w.r.t the consumptive gaze. That makes sense to me, and sense is not something I’m used to in artist’s statements.
    3. [unrelated] [mostly] Have you considered food photography?
    4. [unrelated] [somewhat] I miss you.


    • 1. Randi, you are too kind.
      2. Thank you – that’s rather amazing to me as well!
      3. I have considered food photography – took a course in it and everything! I quite enjoy it – it is very particular, and lighting is super important, two things that I enjoy in photography.
      4. I miss you too. xox

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