Things my husbands says (part III)

Ross and I had dinner on the back porch tonight, as is our custom these hot summer days, and Ross noticed that I was reading “Yoga Mala” by Pattabhi Jois. I mentioned that I’m re-reading it because it’s required reading for David Robson’s workshop at Ashtanga Yoga Ottawa this summer, and it starts in about a week. This is the conversation that unfolded:

Me: It’s been a while since I’ve read Yoga Mala.
Ross: Hm. How long do you think?
Me: Oh, probably close to ten years now.
Ross: That’s almost as long as you’ve had some of your sports bras.
Me: What? *confused, and slightly irritable, glare*
Ross: Come on. You’ve had that white one at least that long.

Now, to be clear, I keep my sports bras a long time, but they’re good quality. Although I think he’s got a point about the white one.


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