A random weekend in November

Ross mentioned that I haven’t blogged in a while. To be honest, since 108Photographs has wrapped up, I’m kindof enjoying a bit of a blogging reprieve. However, I recently acquired a new camera, so I have been doing a little bit of shooting – not much – but some. So here are some photos of the weekend.

Nugget enjoyed the snow. We had to call him in – he wasn’t volunteering!

I made super delicious vegan scones – the recipe was from Vegan Brunch, a gift from my darling Sarah, while they were warmed in a bread warmer, a gift from my lovely mother.

We also went on a walk this morning – a nice long one before yoga practice. I took a few shots. Still getting used to the new camera. The aperture control is in a different spot, so there were some issues there, but it’s a great camera. This photo and the next really show the clarity of the camera.


2 thoughts on “A random weekend in November

    • I’ve upgraded to a Canon 40D. Lens is still the 50mm or the 18-55, although I’m thinking a wide-angle might be in my future…..

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