The Runways Project

Over at SBP, there’s a fun little project going on. It’s called the runway project. What is it? It’s an international project of people taking photographs of their yoga mats laid out where they practice. You really need to check it out to get the idea, and when you do, you should think about sending in a photo of your practice space! I did one when I was in Kingston, and I’ll likely do another when I have my mat laid out at home next. It’s a nice way to celebrate the home (or travelling) practice and participate in a global yoga community project. Share away!


One thought on “The Runways Project

  1. Hey! thanks so much for posting about this project. It’s so inspiring to see all the mat ‘runway’ photos coming from so many different countries. I loved yours with Nugget supervising 🙂

    I just gave the project a facebook page too, which seems to have helped make it more accessible.

    You can post photos there or email them to me. What ever works best. Can’t wait to see your home practice space—and hopefully more of Nugget.

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